20150308_111755At TMC we love children! Our focus is a family-centered ministry encouraging parents/grandparents as they strive to share authentic faith with their children.  We have a nursery for children under 4 and Children’s Church for ages 4-8. We have a great curriculum that teaches by hearing, seeing, touching, and doing. We encourage parents to read the Take Home Activity Sheets that are sent home with the kids weekly. There are ideas on how to engage your kids and help strengthen the lesson they learned in Children’s Church. We have a wonderful volunteer staff that have a true passion to serve these kids and help them in their spiritual journey. If you have any questions or would like more info on how your child is doing, please feel free to contact me at somer@tablemountainchurch.com. I would love to share the awesome things your child is learning. They are each such a blessing to have in class!

ATTENTION PARENTS: The second Sunday of each month we celebrate Communion. There will not be Children’s Church on these days so the kids can participate in taking our Lord’s Supper with the body of Christ (the Church).

20150308_113325Intentional Family Worship

“He commanded our forefathers to teach their children, so the next generation would know [Him], even the children yet to be born, and they in turn will tell their children. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget His deeds…” – Psalm 78:5-7

Will our children see authentic faith in our lives and in the community of faith; and be inspired to choose to have a strong, authentic faith as a result- a faith that will pass on to ‘their children and their children’s children not yet born’?

Some Practical Suggestions to Prepare your kids for Sunday Service:

THE WEEK BEFORE: Think of ways to make Sunday the day your family looks forward to every week. Talk about the priority that worship has in your family and the reason why you take this time to worship God.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Make preparations for Sunday so that the morning goes smoothly getting to church with your family. Don’t let ‘lost shoes’ ruin your Sunday morning experience.

DRIVING TO CHURCH: Remind your family that everyone is going to listen for what God wants to tell them- in the songs, prayers, or the message. “We are all going to talk about what God told each of us after the service.”

DURING THE SERVICE: Sit together as a family; be attentive to your children and help them engage in worship to God.

DISCIPLINE IN THE SERVICE: Tell your children your behavior expectations, but don’t be harsh. Be firm, but loving! Make this hour be the most loving, affectionate, grace-filled hour of the week.

AFTER THE SERVICE AND/OR DURING THE FOLLOWING WEEK: Talk about the service! Pick out words in the songs or words in the sermon they might not understand. Talk about how God spoke to you and ask the children how God spoke to them. Do the discussion questions provided in the Children’s Bulletin. Tell your children how you have been able to integrate the things you heard from God into your life.

-by Julie Kurz



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