Table Mountain Church was a new church startup out of the Evangelical Free Church, and is connected to the Rocky Mountain District of Free Churches. The story of TMC begins in the summer of ’06, when a few families from Littleton partnered with a group in the Greenhorn Valley to “establish a biblically healthy reproducing church.”

Rob and Beth Chadwick, who had been involved in full-time church ministry for 16 years, felt God tugging on their hearts to help start a new church. After a week of “Church Plant Boot Camp” January 2006, and through much prayer and consultation, the decision was made to move forward in this adventure. The only unanswered question was, “where to plant?” In April of 2006, Bruce Redmond, the church planter coach for the Rocky Mountain Free Church district learned that Rob’s parents had lived in the Greenhorn Valley for 15 years. Bruce, at the same time had been in conversation with a small group in the Greenhorn Valley about the possibility of starting a new church in the area and he could see that God was behind all of these details.

Rob and Beth were approached about the possibility of planting south of Pueblo and after meeting with a group of people at a home in Colorado City, the Chadwicks made the decision to move from Littleton to Colorado City. They began raising prayer and financial support and asked God for a team to travel with them to the Valley.

One by one, 3 families emerged as part of the team; the Batemans, the McFarlands, and the Weiszs. God miraculously provided a plant team, a group of prayer warriors, and financial partners who contributed almost $100,000 that first year alone. God was on the move. The small group of 10-15 people began meeting for prayer and planning, information gatherings were held at the Colorado City Rec. Center, and new people began to emerge as interested partners.

Weekly Sunday morning gatherings began in the fall of 2006 at the Colorado City Rec Center, along with community service projects, surveys, and a series of mailings inviting others in the community to join in.  Over time TMC outgrew the Rec Center, moved to the Quonset Hut behind Los Cuervos, and when this space was no longer sufficient, TMC began meeting at the Rye HS.

In 2011, TMC had the opportunity to purchase the old Rye school building which formerly housed TR’s Country Store. A financial campaign was begun in the Fall of 2011 and the the purchase of the property was finalized in January 2012. The goal of TMC is to not only hold services in the new facility but to convert a portion of the property into a much-needed community center that would include a fully-functioning coffee shop and spaces available to the community for various events and activities.

In November of 2011, TMC moved out of “church plant” status to be recognized as a fully-functional church within the Rocky Mountain District of the Evangelical Free Church.