There’s a lot going on at TMC!

New signs installed 2017
























Auditorium finished 2016



March 2015… hello drywall!

getting the drywall

drywallno drywalldrywall 2

drywall 4carrying drywalldrywall 3

From rebuilding the stage, insulating, wiring…. and so much more! On January 17th, after the Men’s breakfast met, many wonderful TMC’ers came to help get the church a few steps closer to completion. There is still much to do, but what a great accomplishment!


  ⇑This is what the church looked like at 11 am the day before Sunday service.

finishedLook at all that was accomplished in just one day!

The tech squad now have a true techy area. The stage is multi- leveled, making it possible to see all of the Worship Team.  It goes from one wall to the other. Insulation is in and it was noticeably warmer. It’s amazing to see people come together for a common cause and accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Way to go TMC!