Rob Chadwick
Lead Pastor

Rob and Beth met each other as teens in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have been married for over 30 years. The Chadwick’s were involved with youth and family ministry for 18 years until they were compelled in 2006 to plant a church in the Greenhorn Valley.  They continue to lead Table Mountain Church and consider TMC their extended family.

Rob and Beth are parents to Wes and Abby, Sarah, and Rachel while enjoying their granddaughter Alivia.  The Chadwick’s enjoy traveling, hiking, riding their motorcycle, working in the yard, smoking tasty meat, and walking their Coonhound, Penny.

Beth is also on the Table Mountain staff as our Director of Hospitality. Beth oversees the coffee shop, is the first contact for the RV park, and oversees the overall presentation of the facility and property.

Shane Bennett
Associate Pastor
Shane grew up in Indiana and has lived around the U.S. and world. He is committed to helping Christians love Muslims and Muslims love Jesus. He also helps Rob stay sane by taking on some of the preaching duties at Table Mountain Church and other projects. His main contribution in ministry is to help people think, “Well, if Shane can do that, I probably can too!”
He and Anna are raising three kiddos, eight chicks and a two feral kittens who just showed up and started eating the cat’s food!
Sergio Mireles
Worship Arts Director

Sergio loves cookies, matching outfits, metal core, and worshipping. Sergio has taken the TMC worship team to a whole new level. His wife, Jonelle, and little ones are the loves of his life.

Kathy Sligar
Administrative Assistant
Kathy loves babies, her dogs Hazel Mae, Addie Jo, Cash...and her husband that order. Dave and Kathy met in prison, married in 2011, and moved to the Greenhorn Valley in 2014. Dave and Kathy take lots of camping trips during the summer to play on their ATVs and rejuvanate. They love their TMC family, making new friends, and being an inspiration to others.
Tom Lempp
Facility Manager

Table Mountain Church has been blessed with a 17,000 square foot building that houses our church, coffee shop, fitness center, 4 apartments, and 12 full hookup RV spaces. Tom is the grease that keeps the gears turning on this amazing and complex property while helping the church to be good stewards of this incredible resource. 

Steve Fisher

Born and raised in Illinois and Iowa with solid midwest values, Steve moved to Colorado in 1977. He loves exploring America's beauty with his wife Sheryl and faithful friend Buddy.