Rob Chadwick

Rob and Beth met each other as teens in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have been married for 30 years. The Chadwick’s were involved with youth and family ministry for 18 years until they were compelled in 2006 to plant a church in the Greenhorn Valley.  They continue to lead Table Mountain and consider TMC their extended family.

Rob and Beth have three children, two whom are now married.  The Chadwick’s enjoy traveling, hiking, riding their motorbike, working in the yard, smoking tasty meat, and walking their Coonhound, Penny

Shane Bennett
Shane grew up in Indiana and has lived around the U.S. and world. He is committed to helping Christians love Muslims and Muslims love Jesus. He also helps Rob stay sane be taking on some of the preaching duties at Table Mountain and other projects. His main contribution in ministry is to help people think, “Well, if Shane can do that, I probably can too!”
He and Anna are raising three kiddos, eight chicks and a two feral kittens who just showed up and started eating the cat’s food!

Meet Our Team

Sergio Mireles
  • Worship Leader
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Shannon Hutchcroft
  • Book keeper
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Shane Bennett
  • Assistant Pastor